Important information regarding security

Dear Players,

We’re writing to give you a heads-up on emails that have been circulating to our players. While they might appear to be from The Winning Poker Network at first glance, they are designed specifically to steal your information.

These phishing emails might lead you to a website that looks like a Winning Poker Network site, or they might contain an attachment designed to infect your PC with malware.

Before you respond to or click a link in an email that appears to be from a Winning Poker Network site, it’s a good idea to stop and examine the email.

Here’s how to tell if an email is not from us:

• You’re asked for your username and password (we’ll never ask you for your login details)
• You’re asked for other personal information
• It comes from a suspicious domain name
• It details a deposit or withdrawal confirmation that you didn’t make
• It asks you to download something or contains an attachment
• It contains a link to a URL that isn’t ours (you can see where a link redirects by hovering over it without clicking it)
• It features typos or poor grammar

Remember, phishing emails aren’t unique to Winning Poker Network, or the poker industry. Hackers use fake emails to trick people into divulging their bank info, credit card details, PayPal login information, and so on.

If you see something suspicious or you’re still not sure if an email is from us, please get in touch with our security team at 1-877-314-4195. Alternatively, you can email us or use Live Chat.

Thank you and play safe,

The Team at Americas Cardroom
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